The GRANITE project is an effort to expand international collaborations and build a strong and long-lasting relationship between Germany and Japan.

The goal is to establish a sustainable network between partners in applied research and technology that share information, transfer knowledge, and put innovation into practice.

The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement has enabled projects like GRANITE to take place, by removing restricting trade barriers and making it easier for countries to connect with one another.

Face Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0

Both in Germany and Japan, many business owners have reservations about the topic of Industrie 4.0 and are asking themselves “How can our companies benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalization?”

GRANITE offers companies a science-based engineering method, whereby we first systematically analyse and evaluate the specific challenges for the individual company in terms of digitalization and then present them with a tailor-made strategy for their own digital transformation.

people-focussed engineering method

When it comes to digitalization, the most effective thing to do is to take a thorough look at the actual processes, procedures and facilities within a business. It is also important to consider staff knowledge and workflows and to address employee needs. Only after assessing all this do we design and build an appropriate IT system that covers all aspects of actual operations.

This gives us the chance to identify misjudgements and misunderstandings in the system design early on in the process and to make improvements. We can increase the likelihood that the new system can seamlessly be introduced into a company and accepted by all members of staff by gathering feedback from those involved early on and by implementing the development step by step.

Master Your Challenges

In principle, our method is suitable for any company. At the outset, we ask members of staff very similar questions, whether they work at a plastics processing plant, a machinery manufacturer, an industrial bakery, garment factory or training provider. But the individual steps and processes – and consequently the customized IT system – are as unique as the company itself.

Our approach to developing individual digitalization strategies is clearly structured. First of all we sort out everything that is superfluous and then, together with the staff members, we take a very close look at which tasks are done by people, which are done by machines and what steps need to be taken. This means that, in the end, the new system can be used appropriately and profitably, with a low risk factor and high degree of efficiency because it is suitable at a functional level and – even more importantly – is accepted by all members of staff.

Our Team

Dr. René Reiners

Constanze Ritzmann

Marco Invernizzi

Sabine Ganter-Richter

The Future of Work

As one of 10 top research networks from Germany to showcase their promising technologies and new work concepts to leading scientists, researchers, innovators and decision-makers around the globe, GRANITE is sponsored by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for its latest campaign “The Future of Work”.

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